Vanessa Amorosi

In 1999 Vanessa Amorosi started in her home territory Australia with the song ‘Have A Look’ (produced by Steve Mac). The track became very successful (Gold award) and we were asked to produce some tracks of her album. In the end Bishop Audio produced almost the whole album ‘The Power’ and already the first cut ‘Absolutely Everybody’ was a smash in Australia: Vanessa got double platinum and 27 chart weeks which was the longest chart presence of a national female artist ever. The album sold in Australia almost 350.000 copies which means fivefold platinum. In 2000 Vanessa performed ‘Absolutely Everybody’ at the final ceremony of the Olympic Games - and almost one billion (!!!) viewers saw her on tv. In the UK ‘Absolutely Everybody’ entered the single charts and climbed up to #7. Huge success even in Germany: Top Ten in the album charts and gold award for ‘The Power’, single chart notations for: ‘Absolutey Everybody’, ‘Shine’ and ‘Everytime I Close My Eyes’. Further chart notations in: Japan, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. In total the album ‘The Power’ sold worldwide almost one million copies. The first cut from her second album is a Bishop production too, ‘One Thing Leads To Another’ was cowritten and produced by Axel Breitung.

Chart Success of Vanessa Amorosi & Bishop Audio
1 Australia The Power -Album- 2000
2 Belgium Absolutely Everybody 2001
2 Ireland Absolutely Everybody 2000
2 Hungary Absolutely Everybody 2000
3 Austria Absolutely Everybody 2000
4 Australia Shine 2000
5 Sweden Absolutely Everybody 2000
5 Germany Absolutely Everybody 2000
6 Czech Absolutely Everybody 2000
6 Australia Absolutely Everybody 1999
7 Germany The Power -Album- 2000
7 UK Absolutely Everybody 2000
8 Switzerland Absolutely Everybody 2000
8 Australia The Power 2000
11 Austria Everytime I Close My Eyes 2002
14 Denmark Absolutely Everybody 2000
15 Switzerland The Power -Album- 2000
19 Switzerland Shine 2001
22 Austria The Power -Album- 2000
23 Germany Everytime I Close My Eyes 2002
23 Australia Turn To Me -Album- 2001
35 Norway Absolutely Everybody 2000
38 Germany Shine 2001
46 Austria Shine 2001
62 Switzerland One Thing Leads To Another 2002
64 Germany Change -Album- 2002
67 Germany One Thing Leads To Another 2002
67 Argentina Absolutely Everybody 2001
73 Switzerland Everytime I Close My Eyes 2002
93 Japan The Power -Album- 2000